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What is it?

Naavi Classroom Sync is a free tool for quickly creating multiple classes in Google Classroom with teachers and student enrolments from a spreadsheet. This tool works for both individual teachers and administrators.

For Teachers:

Setup your classes and related students in one goAdd new students as they arrive

For Administrators:

Import your timetable data via Google SheetsPre-setup all classes for your teachers and studentsGlobally add new enrolments to classes as they change

Getting Started

Create a new Google Spreadsheet or use this template: for Naavi Classroom Sync under Add-onsMap your class names, your email & student emails. Class code is the unique identifier that can be used to re-sync changes and add students to that class code in the future.

Press sync! You will get an email summary in your email once the sync is complete! Don't close the window while it's syncing.
Remember you can come back and update your student lists at any time!

Domain Administrators

If you're a Domain Admin, you can create a classroom for all classes in your timetable. You can also update classes as they change over time with the unique "Class code".

Export your timetable into the required columns (see our template Google Sheet) and press sync!

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